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This web site is intended to pull together some interesting data on bicycling in the United States. It is intended to help people who are interested in bicycling find a variety of Web Sites that can be accessed through the links that I have established to date. I expect to update this site at least once a year so please visit and see the changes. Be sure to check out "A Year in Review". Any input from viewers would be appreciated. Just send an email by clicking on the envelope below.

~ Bicycling Advantages ~

I'd like to present some of the advantages of bicycling so that, as adults, you will consider getting back in the saddle again (not to be confused with that old Gene Autry song). We bike for Fun, Health and Charity. Just click on the "Bicycling Advantage" link above.

~Equipment ~

One of the most important issues to deal with when you are going to take up Bicycling is the equipment. From the bike to the pants to the shoes, fit and comfort is a must!! now click on the "Equipment" link above.
~ Rules and Guidelines ~
As with most activities, we have some basic rules and guidelines to help make the activity safe and more enjoyable for all participants. Here are some basics that you should know before taking to the road or trailhead (click on the link above).
~Training ~
If you think you know how to ride because you did it as a kid, think again. The equipment is vastly different and we aren't kids any more. I have summarized three types of training.
  • Learning How to Ride

  • Fitness

  • Maintenance

~Tours Trails and Rides ~

Bike Tours, as they are commonly called, include organized Bicycle Club rides (normally on weekends), specific annual events of various ride lengths which require sag support and food at the various rest stops and in some cases, luggage transportation for those overnight stays. 

The tours and trails mentioned in this section covers a small portion of the United States. The ones that I have ridden (which only covers Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware), are listed specifically by name. The others I have either heard about or read about and feel that they are worthy of mention and investigating..

~ Organizations and Clubs ~

~ About Me ~

~ Photo Gallery ~

~ History ~

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